Samba Cine Club & the Cangaceiros

Friday 24th September at 1000€Bend (361 Little Lonsdale St) from 17:30

We are visiting the northeast of Brazil of the early 20th century and meeting the “cangaceiros”, Brazilian outlaws and subversives who tormented and robbed government authorities and major landowners for abusing the peasants.

We will be screening “Corisco & Dada” by Rosemberg Cariry (1996) with Chico Diaz and Dira Paez.  The film is set in the arid northeast region during  the ’20s and ’30s and tells the story of Corisco and his lover Dada, a true bandit queen whom he kidnapped and raped when she was only 12 and grew up to be passionately devoted to him. Much of the story centers on the harsh realities of cangaceiros as they stage their raids and constantly flee the law across the unforgiving desert.

We are honoured to have Dr Luiz Bernardo Pericas, from FLACSO (Facultad Latino-Americana de Ciencias Sociales – Mexico) and visiting fellow of the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies (Australian National University) to join us and do a short talk before the film to familiarise the audience with the theme.

After the film the audience is invited to enjoy the music from northeast Brazil and dance to forro, xaxado and baiao.

We will have DJ Guido Bambaataa and DJ Discotecadeliador playing different tunes from the northeast of Brazil and a special guest band “Colo de Menina” playing live Forro for us at 22:00!

Doors open at 17:30

Presentation of Dr Luiz Bernando Pericas at 19:00

Film Screening at 19:30

Band Colo de Menina at 22:00


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