Samba Cine Club @ Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum is preparing a Brazilian Festival next Sunday (November 14th) to celebrate the Brazilian community in Victoria.

There will be traditional music, capoeira, soccer, food , family fun activities and FILMS.

Samba Cine Club will be participating with two documentaries: “Itatiaia – a Look Inside” and “São Paulo – a city over rivers and streams”

The festival is from 11:00 to 16:00 and entry is $8.00 and FREE for children & concession.

“Itatiaia – a Look Inside” (23′) is a film by Christian Spencer,  a Melbournian who married a Brazilian and now lives in Brazil’s oldest National Park: Parque Itatiaia (in the border of the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro).

The film shows the different species of the rich Brazilian Atlantic rainforest and covers more than 100 species.  There is no voices and no characters, the film simply shows the animals with an original soundtrack of the director playing on the back.

This screening begins at 11:30 and will be presented by Marina Clauzet, Christian’s sister-in-law.


São Paulo – a city over rivers and ravines” (60′) – 2009 – is a film by Camilo Tavares, Daniel Tendler & José Luiz Jr

São Paulo – South America’s largest city and major financial center is about to enter into hydric collapse.  Its fast growth, supported by the motto “Everything for progress”, has brought the City’s once abundant drinkable water resources close to extinction.    The film shows how, since its foundation in 1554, the City has spread over its lakes, rivers and ravines.

The main focus of the documentary is to identify the different challenges of water management and purification, and the effort that is being spent to prevent problems that might affect the daily routine of ordinary people.

In an attempt to propose alternative solutions to these problems, “About rivers and ravines” shows different actions taken by people concerned about environmental issues to defend water resources. The documentary was born from the urgency to denounce all the degradation of Brazilian hydric resources, taking as an example its largest and most developed megalopolis.

This screening starts at 15:00.


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