Gafieira Night with Cartola on April 1st

Gafieira is a place where traditionally people from lower classes of Rio de Janeiro could come and dance ballroom and partner dances in the early 1900s. It is also a popular rhythm and style of dance – samba de gafieira – danced with a partner.

Cartola, a very popular Brazilian composer, is considered by many as the greatest “sambista”of the history of Brazilian music. The film, a documentary directed by Lírio Ferreira and Hilton Lacerda (2006), portrays the life of a man who was reborn many times his enormous contribution to Brazilian music.

18:00 – Samba de Gafieira Dance Class – courtesy of RJ & Ali, from Casa de Latino

19:00 – Film  “CARTOLA – the Samba Legend” – 2006

With direction of Lirio Ferreira and Hilton Lacerda, production of Clelia Bessa, and having in the cast Nelson Sargento, Nelson Motta and Marcos Paulo Simão, the film presents the life of Cartola (Angenor de Oliveira) who was a singer, composer and poet (1909-1980) in chronological order, beginning with the earliest developments of the samba in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cartola is a key figure in the growth of the samba – one of the famous developments of Afro-Brazilian music that developed from Portuguese influence in Brazil. The film traces Cartola’s flamboyant and difficult life from these first performances to the organization of the samba schools, his emergence as a recognized composer, and the dramatic ups and downs of his late career.

*** check information about the film for complete synopsis ***

After the film we will have the presence of bands OZAGOGO (band originated from Trio Agogo which has the mission of researching and showcasing Brazilian music) CHILI SAMBA (a fresh young Brazilian group that plays traditional music, samba and rhythms from Brazil) to inspire us and make us dance.

We also have for the first time DJ Vinyl Itchy and resident DJ Guido Bambaata.

The venue is 1000£Bend – (361 Lt Lonsdale St – between Elizabeth and Queen).

Entry is $10 and 18+ only.


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