Samba Cine Club @ ACMI Tuesday 3rd of May

Tamboro–equal for everyone 

by Sergio Bernardes (2009).

Tamboro, which means “for all, without exceptions”, is a documentary that explores Brazil’s multiculturalism and diversity with indescribable beauty.

Is there a Brazilian spirit? Is there such thing as one soul of a people? These are some of the issues Tamboro seeks to explore. The film, a project of fifteen years, is undoubtedly one of the greatest films about Brazil of all times. With a succession of wonderful images, aerial shots of the cities and forests, plans and details of the nature of human making, close ups on faces showing a multitude of types, the film shows Brazil, a Brazil for all.

Tamboro was the last film of this great filmmaker, who died prematurely in 2007 before seeing his film ready. Sergio Bernardes invites your eyes and your mind to take a fresh look and think freely about Brazil and the world’s crucial issues.

We are really proud to co-present this film with Filmoteca, a like-minded, thought-provoking Latin American, Portuguese and Spanish film group.

The screening will take place on TUESDAY, May 3rd, at ACMI, Australian Centre for Moving Image, at Federation Square at 19:30.


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