About Us

Samba Cine Club is a Brazilian cultural project that happens once a month in Melbourne. It is an initiative to promote Brazilian culture through film and music.  We want to go beyond the cliche en vogue of “samba, carnival, caipirinhas, naked women and soccer”. Not because we don’t like these things (we love them all!) but we feel that the stereotype is limiting in many ways, especially in artistic expression.

The idea is also to recreate the environment of the “Cine Clubs” of Rio de Janeiro, where people get together to watch films and it all ends up in a party. It is also an experimental space for artists to network and show what they have been working on.

We want to show different “faces” of Brazil and tell different stories. That is why for each event we select a “theme” and have a discussion about the film followed by music related to the theme. For example, in March we had a beautiful film set in 1970 about a boy whose parents had to “disappear” during the dictatorship. So the theme was the dictatorship period, which many people aren’t aware we were under for 20 years (until 1984!). So we had special guests invited to discuss and share their experiences from that period and the australian audience participated enthusiastically asking questions. Then we had a special DJ playing music from that period and we tried to play a lot of the songs that were censored at that time. So that’s how it usually goes: music – film – discussion – music (party).

The entry is free and we count on volunteers and friends who are collaborating with their talents.


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