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It’s that time of the year….

Samba Cine Club will begin its 2011 journey with a grand  “Carnaval de Rua” (street carnaval parade) on Friday February 25th.

With the support of Open Channel and Shed 4 we will be by the water at the North Warf at Docklands at this amazing space creating our Melbourne version of what is considered one of the most popular parties in the world: CARNAVAL

Besides a selection of short films and beautiful carnaval images projections, we will have bands and DJ’s including Melbourne’s newest “marchinha” band – AGOBLOCO. Marchinha bands are traditional carnival marching bands and AGOBLOCO is a collaboration of talented Melbourne musicians directed by Doug de Vries.

We will also have a Brazilian fashion parade, yummy South American food and drinks and a best costume competition awarding the winners with a very special treat: tickets to “Os Mutantes” concert at the Forum in March!

More details of the program will be uploaded soon…      

For now, save the date and start preparing your costume and confetti!

Some ideas…

(photos are a courtesy of Julia Schmidt)


Samba Cine Club @ Immigration Museum

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The Immigration Museum is preparing a Brazilian Festival next Sunday (November 14th) to celebrate the Brazilian community in Victoria.

There will be traditional music, capoeira, soccer, food , family fun activities and FILMS.

Samba Cine Club will be participating with two documentaries: “Itatiaia – a Look Inside” and “São Paulo – a city over rivers and streams”

The festival is from 11:00 to 16:00 and entry is $8.00 and FREE for children & concession.

“Itatiaia – a Look Inside” (23′) is a film by Christian Spencer,  a Melbournian who married a Brazilian and now lives in Brazil’s oldest National Park: Parque Itatiaia (in the border of the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro).

The film shows the different species of the rich Brazilian Atlantic rainforest and covers more than 100 species.  There is no voices and no characters, the film simply shows the animals with an original soundtrack of the director playing on the back.

This screening begins at 11:30 and will be presented by Marina Clauzet, Christian’s sister-in-law.


São Paulo – a city over rivers and ravines” (60′) – 2009 – is a film by Camilo Tavares, Daniel Tendler & José Luiz Jr

São Paulo – South America’s largest city and major financial center is about to enter into hydric collapse.  Its fast growth, supported by the motto “Everything for progress”, has brought the City’s once abundant drinkable water resources close to extinction.    The film shows how, since its foundation in 1554, the City has spread over its lakes, rivers and ravines.

The main focus of the documentary is to identify the different challenges of water management and purification, and the effort that is being spent to prevent problems that might affect the daily routine of ordinary people.

In an attempt to propose alternative solutions to these problems, “About rivers and ravines” shows different actions taken by people concerned about environmental issues to defend water resources. The documentary was born from the urgency to denounce all the degradation of Brazilian hydric resources, taking as an example its largest and most developed megalopolis.

This screening starts at 15:00.

Samba Cine Club & Dzi Croquettes – Saturday Oct 30th

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Dzi Croquettes” is Brazil’s most international awarded documentary about an outrageous drag troupe that changed the language of theatre and dance in the country and revolutionized the gay rights movement in Brazil.
Among the star-studded commentary provided is Liza Minelli, the croquettes’ godmother herself!

“Dzi Croquettes were revolutionary men who showed the world that men can be both masculine and feminine!” – Liza Minnelli

Samba Cine Club is joining Brazil Film Festival for  a closing night party at 1000 Pound Bend in the same spirit of the troupe and will  kick off this years’ Brazil Film Festival with a tropical bang cabaret style!

“DZI”Cabaret party starts at 19:00 and guests will be welcomed by LAURA GRAVITY and a delicious cocktail. There will be special drag and burlesque performances and DJs Namila and Guido Bambaata will make you dance all night….

We also encourage you to dare and dress up in your fantasy cabaret outfit and party with us….

Tickets are available online at the FESTIVAL’S website

or at the venue (1000 Pound Bend, 361 Lt Lonsdale)

Samba Cine Club & Brazil Film Festival

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We are happy to share good news….

For the first time ever, Melbourne will be hosting its FIRST BRAZIL FILM FESTIVAL, which will take place between 27th and 30th of October 2010.

The festival will open on Wednesday 27th October with the recently nominated candidate for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2011 Academy Awards: “Lula the Son of Brazil”.

The timing of the nomination raised some eyebrows in Brazil. It came during times of presidential election in which Lula is barred by Brazil’s constitution from running for a third consecutive term, but is playing a leading role.

Lula, 64, enjoys a 75 percent approval rating in Brazil where he has melded his inspiring biography with market-friendly policies and social welfare programs. Since he took office in 2003, more than 20 million Brazilians have been lifted out of poverty and Brazil has become one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging economies.

The Festival continues with “Love Stories Only Last 90 Minutes” by accomplished screenwriter Paulo Halm’s (The Battle of Canudos, Two Lost on a Dirty Night) debut feature is an unpretentious sexy comedy about thirtysomethings in bohemian Rio on Thursday 28th.

On Friday we embark on a beautiful journey through the heart of South America. Recipient of multiple awards and directed by Glauber Rocha’s son, Eryk Rocha, “Pachamama” tells the story of the director’s journey through the Brazilian Amazon rainforest on his way to Peru and Bolivia, where he encounters the reality of people historically cut-off from the political process of their own country and that, for the first time, are attempting to have a say in the outcome of their own fate.

And for the closing party on Saturday…..

Samba Cine Club will join Brazil Film Festival for a very exclusive closing night screening and party: “DZI Cabaret”- a taste of a special Brazilian Cabaret Party from the 70’s! Starring the irreverent memorable “Dzi Croquettes”

D Z I   C R O Q U E T T E S (click here to see them!)

We will celebrate their work and influences with a “burlesque touch”, cabaret performances, guest DJ’s and freedom and drinks (and cupcakes).

Tickets for all sessions are on sale through MOSHTIX at website.

Tickets for the closing party are limited and will also be on sale at the venue (1000 Pound Bend – 361 Lt Lonsdale St).

For more information about the films, go to “information about film”

Tickets for all sessions are on sale through MOSHTIX at
Brazil Film Festival

Tickets for the closing party are limited and will also be on sale at the venue (1000 Pound Bend – 361 Lt Lonsdale St).

For more information about the films, see INFORMATION ABOUT FILMS

Samba Cine Club & the Cangaceiros

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Friday 24th September at 1000€Bend (361 Little Lonsdale St) from 17:30

We are visiting the northeast of Brazil of the early 20th century and meeting the “cangaceiros”, Brazilian outlaws and subversives who tormented and robbed government authorities and major landowners for abusing the peasants.

We will be screening “Corisco & Dada” by Rosemberg Cariry (1996) with Chico Diaz and Dira Paez.  The film is set in the arid northeast region during  the ’20s and ’30s and tells the story of Corisco and his lover Dada, a true bandit queen whom he kidnapped and raped when she was only 12 and grew up to be passionately devoted to him. Much of the story centers on the harsh realities of cangaceiros as they stage their raids and constantly flee the law across the unforgiving desert.

We are honoured to have Dr Luiz Bernardo Pericas, from FLACSO (Facultad Latino-Americana de Ciencias Sociales – Mexico) and visiting fellow of the Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies (Australian National University) to join us and do a short talk before the film to familiarise the audience with the theme.

After the film the audience is invited to enjoy the music from northeast Brazil and dance to forro, xaxado and baiao.

We will have DJ Guido Bambaataa and DJ Discotecadeliador playing different tunes from the northeast of Brazil and a special guest band “Colo de Menina” playing live Forro for us at 22:00!

Doors open at 17:30

Presentation of Dr Luiz Bernando Pericas at 19:00

Film Screening at 19:30

Band Colo de Menina at 22:00

Samba Cine Club and the blurred side of South America

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Friday, August 27th @ 1000 Pound Bend (361, lt Lonsdale) from 17:30

Samba cine Club is proud to invite El Tarro – The smallest Performance Space in the World to join us in this very special South American night.  The smallest performing space in the world is a creative environment for contemporary performing arts experiments inspired in South American gatherings.

Before the film, everyone is invited to watch the performances inspired by the film and prepared by our special guests.

Performances start at 7 pm SHARP!!!

disgusting? (colombia/australia)

devised and performed by rebekah stuart and claudia escobar

mcfamily (mexico)

directed by ezequielvillaseñor and performed by sandra burgos, ezequiel villaseñor and cesar panini

watch your step (bolivia)

devised and performed by paola aguanta benitez

un cevichito (peru)

devised and performed by andrea patriau hildebrandt

y (brazil)-devised and performed by joao oliveira


The film of the night will be ‘Carmo – Hit the Road’, a film by Murilo Pasta (2008).

Check the ‘information about the film’ page to read his report of how a third world filmmaker with no private income, no friends in high places and no godfathers in the filmmaking world made this film.

Carmo is a firecracker of a woman struggling to find her place in the world.  Feeling suffocated by her small town, she hits the road on her mile-long legs, traipsing through untamed Brazilian border country. Barely dodging the minefield of sleazy thugs at her heels, she is rescued by an unlikely knight in shining armor, who comes out of nowhere. Unfortunately, the uncouth Marco, bound only by his wheelchair, is reluctant to include her in his own getaway plans. Carmo is determined to prove they can be partners in crime, and they set out together in Marco’s dilapidated truck, over treacherous terrain, to find the desperadoes who have hijacked Marco’s loot. It’s hard to tell what’s more sizzling in this saucy adventure—the clashing chemistry between the two deliciously feisty leads or the dusty, but dazzling, South American landscape. With a comical and scandalous motley crew of characters, and an array of livewire cinematic gestures, Murilo Pasta’s high-octane filmmaking refuels the classic road-trip genre. The thrill of taking a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants ride through jagged paradise is accelerated by the explosive pairing of two strangers who have found their match and together will continue to fight destiny tooth and nail. (Sundance Film Festival 2009)

After the film we will have ….

Visual Arts

distorvision projection by the outsiders guide featuring:

gaian lovin’ … fruitful revelations by luciana v.

koguis by juan carlos rocha

el tarro sessions by lindesay dresdon

sur by mauricio rivera


Bands and DJs

nahuatl sound system

Aztec/Cumbia/Dub/Electronic music collective originally from the roots of Tenochtitlan in Mexico, Afro-latin roots in Colombia, Andiean Mountains in Argentina and Downunder Australia.


Having Cumbia, traditional Colombian music and Reggae as the main musical influences, madremonte mixes stories from the myths and legends from Colombian folkclore and global social issues to create the lyrics.

DJ Guido Bambaataa (brazil)

and special guest DJ MONO (brazil)

Samba Cine Club meets the people from Copacabana

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Samba Cine Club is on again next Friday July 23rd at 1000 Pound Bend (361 Lt Lonsdale St – between Elizabeth & Queen).  This is where we held our first event February this year, a very cozy Café + Cinema +Gallery right in the heart of Melbourne.

We will be screening the documentary “Edificio Master” from Eduardo Coutinho, 2002.  The “Master Building” is an apartment building a block away from the beach in Copacabana. This massive edifice has a total of 276 studio apartments housing some five hundred people. The thirty-seven residents interviewed are gifted storytellers with colorful lives and personalities that belie the extremity of their cramped quarters. Each intimate and revealing story bears witness to the exceptional lives of ordinary people.

We will start from 5:30 PM with music and drinks for a 7:30 PM screening.  We will be enjoying the company of Trio Agogô once again playing their beautiful ‘choro’ music for us and we will have Dj Discotecadélioador and a very special visit from Sydney: Rapha Brasil & Mau Buchler from Vibez Brasil.

Vibez Brazil is a Brazilian show in a community radio station in Sydney  (Eastside FM).  These guys play really cool contemporary and classic Brazilian music that we don’t get to hear very often in Australia.  Their show is on Tuesdays from 09:30 to 11:00 PM and you can check it out online at

So this is the schedule:

5:30 PM – Doors open with the tunes of Discotecadélioador

6:30PM – Trio Agogô

7:30 – Film ‘Edificio Master’ (110 min)

9:30 – Discussion about the film led by Elise West, our documentary maker friend, Professional Development Manager and teacher of Open Channel

10:00 – 01:00 – Vibez Brasil – Rapha Brasil & Mau Buchler will play for us!

The film is subtitled and the discussion is in English.

It is free entry, but donations are REALLY REALLY appreciated 🙂