Samba Cine Club @ Pure Pop Records

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We are really excited to invite you to the cat-hole. The next edition of Samba Cine Club will be held at Pure Pop Records, 

On Sunday 27 of November from 4pm.


Trio Agogo will be launching their first Album 

Trio Agogo & Friends – The Story of Benjamin Constant.

And we will be featuring around 5:30pm 

In the ‘Rodas do Choro’ (51min) 

the documentary “travels through the universe of “choro” with its main interest in the learning process of this musical genre.”


We also have lots of very special guests:

Trio Agogo

Featuring three of Melbourne’s finest exponents of Brazilian music  – guitarists Paul Carey and Adam May, with percussionist Alastair Kerr.

Boranda Brasil

Having toured in Brazil and Europe, the Choir and musicians of the Federal University of Ceara, Fortaleza (UFC) are en route to Melbourne 

to present a concert event that will resonate with the lush energy and passion of Brazilian music, but not without giving 

Samba Cine Club the Bless of their beautiful music. 


Australian singer-songwriter Diana Clark’s rich alto voice and songs reflect the cosmopolitan scene of music making in Melbourne, her home, 

& her background growing up in the Northern Territory, while embracing the powerful rhythms of Brazil – the intensity and subtle beauty of Rio.


Rio de Janeiro’s street carnaval is brought to Melbourne by Trio Agogo and friends. 

They perform traditional Carnaval Marching songs, its irresistible uplifting nature is guarantee of joy.

At the turning table DJ Guido Bambaataa invite DJ Shaun Parker.

The event starts with the Argentinean Señor BBQ followed by the screening and Bands.

Entry $5

Date 27/11/11

Local: Pure Pop Records, 221 Barkly Street, St Kilda

Time: 4pm to 10pm

See you there!

Samba Cine Club


Don’t miss out on other cool Brazilian events in Melbourne!!

This Friday 18 @ THE REVOLT in Kensinton Tatu Rei will be performing our ‘Taste the Flavours of Brasil’ 

show where you will get not only a taste of some amazing, original Brazilian music, but also a taste of some home made Brazilian 

cuisine made by the hands of Tatu Rei’s very own David Chong. 

With Tumbarumba, Ozirigadum Samba School & Sol Nation

Tuesday 29 November 


Join the UFC choir and musicians at BMW The Edge (@Fed Sq) as they take you on a musical tour of their beloved country 

– it’s one night only and not to be missed! 


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Are you ready to Fringe, amigo? Picture the great carnivals of old; street parties in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Every corner of Latin America has a tradition of soulful fiesta. The Carnaval Latino is influenced by street markets, La Fura del Baus, Rio Carnival, Fringe Parade, Cumbia Movement and street art.

You are invited to get closer to the heat of the hot, sweaty bodies and Samba the night away at Carnaval Latino in Melbourne’s Docklands. Over the past few years the feeling has been growing, with different creative crews in Melbourne providing amazing cultural experiences for audiences. This community has often collaborated yet the collision of this energy was long coming. The Carnaval Latino crew include EL TARRO (the smallest performance space in the world), the Institute of Pataphysical Studies and Samba Cine Club.   

We are inviting the arts community to discover their inner Latino at the street Fiesta, which will be held at Shed 4, Docklands, on Friday 7th October.

Expect music, dance, performance, yummy food, exotic drinks and more. And as it is Carnaval, fancy dress is a must!           

“Over the years we have been creating amazing experiences for Melbourne audiences. The different creative crews who form this amazing community often collaborate; and this Fringe Carnavale will be a fiery collision of energy that was a long time coming!” – Hernan Palacio, Director of The Institute of Pataphysical Studies        Latino   




DATES: Friday 7 Oct

One night Only!

TIME: 5.00pm – 1.00am   


Full: $15.00
Concession: $10.00
Group: $10.00


TO BOOK visit

or call (03) 9660 9666

Samba Cine Club @ Festa Junina

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We are celebrating our famous “Festa Junina”- literally June’s Party (yes, a little late) or also St John’s winter party with ABRISA this Saturday 2nd.

Abrisa is the great Brazilian community group that organises this party every year. There will be lots of great food and entertainment for families (kids party starts at 4PM).

And we will be screening a beautiful documentary called Born to be Blind (A Pessoa é para o que nasce) – Roberto Berliner and Leonardo Domingues (2003).

It is the story of three blind sisters, linked by this extraordinary twist of fate, who spend their lives singing and playing ganzá for spare change on the streets and in the street markets of poverty stricken northeast Brazil.Their immersing story, that not without humor, depicts a complex tale of love and death, anguish and art.

After the film, we have special forro bands Forro de Chinelo (at 8PM) and Zabumba (at 10PM). Also featuring. Dj Guido Bambaataa & Junior DJ.

St John’s Party
Come along and have fun.
The best food and Brazilian music.
2 of july 2011 • St Brigid’s Parish Hall • 378 Nicholson St Fitzroy
Kids under 12yo free entry • Member Single $3 Family $5
No-members: Student $5 • Single $10 • Family $15
Kids party starting 4pm • Adults party 6.30pm






Samba Cine Club, Aspirins and Vultures – Friday June 10th

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Samba Cine Club is happening again on Friday June 10th and we have a special program packed with Latin American goodies: a beautiful film, performances, art exhibition, video art, inspiring tunes and yummy food!

We are once again blurring the borders of South America, welcoming “El Tarro – the smallest performance space in the world”  and presenting “la crème de la crème” of the Latin art scene in Melbourne.

The Program:

17:00 – art exhivbition by Victor Holder

18:00 – Upstairs performances by El Tarro

19:00 – Film: Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures

20:30 – Music & Party

The film: Cinema, Aspirins and Vultures, by Marcelo Gomes (2006).

Set in the outback of arid Pernambuco, this highly acclaimed Brazilian road movie tells the story of two young men, one escaping war, the other poverty, who embark on a road trip in 1942 setting up moving picture-shows in order to sell aspirin, a recently invented wonder drug. This is a film about a moment in time and a place in Brazil. It is about today. It is about a time in our lives and a place in our souls, about compassion, war, peace, what we must give up, leave behind, in order to get to our destinations.

Watch a mix of trailer and interview with the director at utube: or check “information about the film )

The Art: Victor Holder was born in Venezuela and has lived in Australia for the last 10 years. He is a visual and graphic artist, with a particular interest in the concept of reconnection with ones spirit through his eclectic vision of life on Earth and divinity, integral parts of all cultures and human beings. He achieves this through the creation of visuals, animations and large painted art works

 The Music:

Nahuatl Sound System represents the anger and force that has emerged through the struggle of people not only from today but from yesterday and tomorrow in terms of a conscious sound revolution.

 Discotecadéliador might hail from the Brazilian capital, Brasília, but he prefers the politics of rhythm. Expect high-tech sounds from the Amazon; muddy beats from the dry Northeast of Brazil and drums from all tribes of the globe. Sexy stuff that you haven’t heard but will try to dance to. Favela or chic? It’ll take some sweat before you know…

 Guido Bambaataa(Dj Resident):  A show man himself! With his ”favela Pimp” style, bringing the latest in Brazilian music, Funk, Baile and Hip Hop…

 Manu da banda:  An itinerant musician wandering around the world, percussionist of afro and afro-latin rhythms, guitarist, singer and songwriter…. this is Manu and his band. This originally Chilean band is very influenced by the  afro-latin rhythms. Promises of a great live performance!!!!

 The Food: el Señor Barbecue, one of Melbourne’s finest BBQ caterers, with a passion for food and cooking. On offer: an Argentinean influenced menu, with BBQ Asado (ribs), sausages, chicken dishes, refreshments and salads.

@ 1000£Bend (361 Lt Lonsdale St)

Entry is $10 and 18+ only.

Samba Cine Club @ ACMI Tuesday 3rd of May

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Tamboro–equal for everyone 

by Sergio Bernardes (2009).

Tamboro, which means “for all, without exceptions”, is a documentary that explores Brazil’s multiculturalism and diversity with indescribable beauty.

Is there a Brazilian spirit? Is there such thing as one soul of a people? These are some of the issues Tamboro seeks to explore. The film, a project of fifteen years, is undoubtedly one of the greatest films about Brazil of all times. With a succession of wonderful images, aerial shots of the cities and forests, plans and details of the nature of human making, close ups on faces showing a multitude of types, the film shows Brazil, a Brazil for all.

Tamboro was the last film of this great filmmaker, who died prematurely in 2007 before seeing his film ready. Sergio Bernardes invites your eyes and your mind to take a fresh look and think freely about Brazil and the world’s crucial issues.

We are really proud to co-present this film with Filmoteca, a like-minded, thought-provoking Latin American, Portuguese and Spanish film group.

The screening will take place on TUESDAY, May 3rd, at ACMI, Australian Centre for Moving Image, at Federation Square at 19:30.

Gafieira Night with Cartola on April 1st

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Gafieira is a place where traditionally people from lower classes of Rio de Janeiro could come and dance ballroom and partner dances in the early 1900s. It is also a popular rhythm and style of dance – samba de gafieira – danced with a partner.

Cartola, a very popular Brazilian composer, is considered by many as the greatest “sambista”of the history of Brazilian music. The film, a documentary directed by Lírio Ferreira and Hilton Lacerda (2006), portrays the life of a man who was reborn many times his enormous contribution to Brazilian music.

18:00 – Samba de Gafieira Dance Class – courtesy of RJ & Ali, from Casa de Latino

19:00 – Film  “CARTOLA – the Samba Legend” – 2006

With direction of Lirio Ferreira and Hilton Lacerda, production of Clelia Bessa, and having in the cast Nelson Sargento, Nelson Motta and Marcos Paulo Simão, the film presents the life of Cartola (Angenor de Oliveira) who was a singer, composer and poet (1909-1980) in chronological order, beginning with the earliest developments of the samba in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cartola is a key figure in the growth of the samba – one of the famous developments of Afro-Brazilian music that developed from Portuguese influence in Brazil. The film traces Cartola’s flamboyant and difficult life from these first performances to the organization of the samba schools, his emergence as a recognized composer, and the dramatic ups and downs of his late career.

*** check information about the film for complete synopsis ***

After the film we will have the presence of bands OZAGOGO (band originated from Trio Agogo which has the mission of researching and showcasing Brazilian music) CHILI SAMBA (a fresh young Brazilian group that plays traditional music, samba and rhythms from Brazil) to inspire us and make us dance.

We also have for the first time DJ Vinyl Itchy and resident DJ Guido Bambaata.

The venue is 1000£Bend – (361 Lt Lonsdale St – between Elizabeth and Queen).

Entry is $10 and 18+ only.


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Preparations for carnaval are in full march and we are very excited with all the help and support we have been receiving.

This is our plan for the day:

17:30 – doors open – DJ + food & drinks + FUN… Come dressed up…

19:00 Tumbarumba – a five piece band, fusing Brazilian rhythms of batucada, samba reggae and baion with funk, hip hop and ragga in an explosion of percussion and voice

20:30 – Totem Fashion Parade

21:00 – Short Film Selection

* Ziriguidum – animation by Gabriel Prezoto  – 2’

Ziriguidum is an onomatopoeic, Brazilian Portuguese word with a strong African tone that expresses the sounds of drums and other percussion instruments used in samba and Carnival music.

* Couro de Gato (Cat’s Skin) – film by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade – 1961 – 12’

A few weeks before Carnival, slum boys organize huntings for stray cats, whose leather can be used in Samba percussion instruments, like the Tamborim, a small drum.

* Meditação de Carnaval (A meditation on Carnaval) – Ana Luisa Ribeiro – 2008 – 15’

The director uses carnaval images and narrates her impressions about Rio de Janeiro and carnaval when she returns home from many years living overseas

* Suzy Brasil – a Deusa da Penha Circular (Suzy Brasil – the Goddess of Penha Circular) – Renata Than – 2007 – 20’

Suzy Brasil is a drag queen that hypnotises the public in her shows in Rio de Janeiro’s nightclubs. Marcelo is a straight high school biology teacher. Both of them live in the Penha Circular neighborhood. Is it just a coincidence?

* Video projection including  A Lira do Delírio(The Lyre of Delight) – Walter Lima Junior – 1978; Macunaíma e outros

22:00AGOBLOCO Traditional Carnaval Marching Band lead by Doug Devries.

23:30 DJs Guido & Junior will keep the party going…

Shed 4 is an amazing space by the river and we are hoping for a beautiful night so that we can be outside. But THIS IS Melbourne, it can flood or burn at any time, so we are prepared! If weather is not good, we will be sheltered and party on inside the massive warehouse. Also, it usually gets a bit chilly at night, so girls, be resourceful and bring your layers.

  • For those of you who have been to Shed 4 yet, please bear in mind that IT IS HARD to find it.  Your GPS won’t find it either, so make sure you look at a map and google it before coming. It is a short walk from the main tram stops on Harbour Esplanade (city circle free tram stops there!) So if you got off the tram right in the middle of the esplanade and face the water and have Etihad Stadium on your back, you will walk down TO THE FURTHER LEFT side. (There is a map on our website!) Also, you can park very near. If you are driving, just come all the way down to the end of Bourke St, turn left and right.


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It’s that time of the year….

Samba Cine Club will begin its 2011 journey with a grand  “Carnaval de Rua” (street carnaval parade) on Friday February 25th.

With the support of Open Channel and Shed 4 we will be by the water at the North Warf at Docklands at this amazing space creating our Melbourne version of what is considered one of the most popular parties in the world: CARNAVAL

Besides a selection of short films and beautiful carnaval images projections, we will have bands and DJ’s including Melbourne’s newest “marchinha” band – AGOBLOCO. Marchinha bands are traditional carnival marching bands and AGOBLOCO is a collaboration of talented Melbourne musicians directed by Doug de Vries.

We will also have a Brazilian fashion parade, yummy South American food and drinks and a best costume competition awarding the winners with a very special treat: tickets to “Os Mutantes” concert at the Forum in March!

More details of the program will be uploaded soon…      

For now, save the date and start preparing your costume and confetti!

Some ideas…

(photos are a courtesy of Julia Schmidt)

Samba Cine Club @ Immigration Museum

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The Immigration Museum is preparing a Brazilian Festival next Sunday (November 14th) to celebrate the Brazilian community in Victoria.

There will be traditional music, capoeira, soccer, food , family fun activities and FILMS.

Samba Cine Club will be participating with two documentaries: “Itatiaia – a Look Inside” and “São Paulo – a city over rivers and streams”

The festival is from 11:00 to 16:00 and entry is $8.00 and FREE for children & concession.

“Itatiaia – a Look Inside” (23′) is a film by Christian Spencer,  a Melbournian who married a Brazilian and now lives in Brazil’s oldest National Park: Parque Itatiaia (in the border of the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro).

The film shows the different species of the rich Brazilian Atlantic rainforest and covers more than 100 species.  There is no voices and no characters, the film simply shows the animals with an original soundtrack of the director playing on the back.

This screening begins at 11:30 and will be presented by Marina Clauzet, Christian’s sister-in-law.


São Paulo – a city over rivers and ravines” (60′) – 2009 – is a film by Camilo Tavares, Daniel Tendler & José Luiz Jr

São Paulo – South America’s largest city and major financial center is about to enter into hydric collapse.  Its fast growth, supported by the motto “Everything for progress”, has brought the City’s once abundant drinkable water resources close to extinction.    The film shows how, since its foundation in 1554, the City has spread over its lakes, rivers and ravines.

The main focus of the documentary is to identify the different challenges of water management and purification, and the effort that is being spent to prevent problems that might affect the daily routine of ordinary people.

In an attempt to propose alternative solutions to these problems, “About rivers and ravines” shows different actions taken by people concerned about environmental issues to defend water resources. The documentary was born from the urgency to denounce all the degradation of Brazilian hydric resources, taking as an example its largest and most developed megalopolis.

This screening starts at 15:00.

Samba Cine Club & Dzi Croquettes – Saturday Oct 30th

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Dzi Croquettes” is Brazil’s most international awarded documentary about an outrageous drag troupe that changed the language of theatre and dance in the country and revolutionized the gay rights movement in Brazil.
Among the star-studded commentary provided is Liza Minelli, the croquettes’ godmother herself!

“Dzi Croquettes were revolutionary men who showed the world that men can be both masculine and feminine!” – Liza Minnelli

Samba Cine Club is joining Brazil Film Festival for  a closing night party at 1000 Pound Bend in the same spirit of the troupe and will  kick off this years’ Brazil Film Festival with a tropical bang cabaret style!

“DZI”Cabaret party starts at 19:00 and guests will be welcomed by LAURA GRAVITY and a delicious cocktail. There will be special drag and burlesque performances and DJs Namila and Guido Bambaata will make you dance all night….

We also encourage you to dare and dress up in your fantasy cabaret outfit and party with us….

Tickets are available online at the FESTIVAL’S website

or at the venue (1000 Pound Bend, 361 Lt Lonsdale)